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No Age – Eraser

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Over the last year I’ve become more and more impressed with No Age, Dan Spunt and Randy Randall have released track after track with hard-hitting noisy art-pop, building momentum with every release and getting some well-deserved attention in return.

The new great 7″ single ‘Eraser’ is one of their more accessible songs to date. Short and sweet, it leaves you wanting more, which is probably not a bad thing as it is the first taster of their first fully-fledged album Nouns, to be released later in May on Sub-pop.

The 7″ comes out on the 8th of April, with b-side cover versions of The Nerves, Nate Denver, and Urinals.

Mp3: No Age – “Eraser


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March 31, 2008 at 11:06 am

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Wilco – Glad It’s Over

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“Glad It’s Over” is a new Wilco track, which almost passed me by as it was released exclusively on the soundtrack to Heroes, a show I never watch.

“Glad It’s Over” is probably an outtake from Wlico’s most recent album “Sky Blue Sky” and even though it’s not one of the best Wilco songs I’ve heard (which would take it high up in the running for best song ever), it is definitely worth a download and a listen.

Mp3: Wilco – “Glad It’s Over

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March 31, 2008 at 6:18 am

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Black Lips: Take Away Show

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Black Lips visited La blogotheque‘s take away show a couple of days ago. I’m not sure if this is the right format for them but still, it’s not too bad and a good way to shorten the wait for Tuesday’s concert at Magnet Club.

Black Lips – Treat Me Like A Man


Black Lips – Everybody’s Doing It

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March 28, 2008 at 9:08 am

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Silver Jews – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

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silverjews1.jpgThe new album, “Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea,” from Silver Jews has been pencilled in for release in late June. The album will be the band’s sixth and first since 2005’s “Tanglewood Numbers.”

This time around Dave Berman is supported by his regular touring band, including his wife Cassie on bass, in addition to a number of Silver Jew alums that have contributed over the years, no word on whether Malkmus makes an appearance, though.

Berman recently did an interview with Pitchfork about the new album. Here is what he said:

silverjewsdave.jpg“With the first four records, I kind of felt like I was trying to write the same record over again in different ways, or better. And then [Tanglewood Numbers] I think is my first shot at documenting what life might be like after hell. And so this is me with my footing, and it’s smarter than the last record and it’s less eager to please. I turned 40 this year. I feel like now, as a writer, I’m just figuring out how to do it. I feel like all those years of not being a working rock musician, I hope has given me a different period in which to be peaking because I really feel like these are the first songs where I’m happy all the way through. I feel like as far as the writing goes, I pretty much feel peerless. I might sound like one of the British bands for a second, but I just don’t hear anything that means anything to me. I don’t know if this album is necessarily so good, but it’s so much better than what’s out there. To me, it appears to be really, really good.”

I’ve only had a few listens to the new album, but to me too it appears to be really, really good. Here are two great tracks from the upcoming album:

Mp3: Silver Jews – “Suffering Jukebox
Mp3: Silver Jews – “What Is Not But Could Be If

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March 24, 2008 at 7:00 am

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Sunday Morning Music: The Ruby Suns

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The Psych-poppers in The Ruby Suns have with “Tane Mahuta” created a track build entirely on good summer vibes. Like most already have pointed out, this is music closely related to Barcelona’s El Guincho and Panda Bear: Sweet melodies drenched in reverb and densely layered instrumentation, mixing a wide range of exotic sounds into sunny psych-pop.

Adding to the exotic factor the Ruby Suns sing “Tane Mahuta” exclusively in the language of New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people. It is a great tune and a great video!

Mp3: The Ruby Suns – “Tane Mahuta

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March 23, 2008 at 12:03 pm

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Flat Duo Jets – Two Headed Cow

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I’ve been a long time fan of Flat Duo Jets, but until I read a post over at Aquarium Drunkard the other day, I was completely unfamiliar with the fact that it exist a documentary about the rockabilly duo. Nor did I know that they had just released a soundtrack to the film.

“Two Headed Cow is a movie about roots rocker Dexter Romweber and his music. His original band the Flat Duo Jets was one of the most influential bands of the last two decades and has been an inspiration for many other musicians from Jack White and Cat Power to the Rev. Horton Heat and Neko Case (White, Chan Marshall aka Cat Power and Case appear in the film along with Exene Cervenka and Jason Edge of the Original Sinners.) Two Headed Cow traces the formative years of the band through their signing to a major label through the break-up and Dexter’s life today.”

I haven’t had the chance to see the documentary yet, but I’ve been listening obsessively to the soundtrack, which consists of seventeen unreleased tracks recorded in 1986. Like always it is a wild mix of rockabilly, garage, punk, blues and surf rock. The soundtrack is definitely on pair with most of the albums they released in the 90’s and a great document of Flat Duo Jets on top of their game.

Flat Duo Jets – “Wild Wild Lover”

Mp3: Flat Duo Jets – “Rawhide

Mp3: Flat Duo Jets – “Rock House

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March 20, 2008 at 7:08 pm

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Les Savy Fav Releasing Live Album

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livesavy.jpgOne of the finest live spectacles around, Les Savy Fav has finally decided to release a live album. On April 29, French Kiss will release “After the Balls Drop,” recorded at a 3:00 AM performance at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on January 1, 2008. It is the first-ever full-length document of the Les Savy Fav live experience, it won’t fully replace the joy of watching frontman/mad man Tim Harrington’s on-stage antics but at least the album includes one hilarious “Tim Speech” and some great covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Love and Misfits.

After The Balls Drop Tracklist:
01 Equestrian
02 Patty Lee
03 What Would Wolves Do?
04 Sweat Descends
05 Yawn Yawn Yawn
06 We’ll Make A Lover Of You
07 The Year Before The Year 2000
08 The Lowest Bitter
09 Who Rocks The Party
10 Tim Speech
11 Hey Tonight [Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover]
12 Debaser [Pixies Cover]
13 Astro Zombies [Misfits Cover]
14 Sliver [Nirvana Cover]
15 Everybody’s Gotta Live [Love Cover]

Mp3: Les Savy Fav – “Sweat Descends (live)

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March 20, 2008 at 8:25 am

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